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There are many reasons why individuals, teams and organisations choose to work with me. Some of those reasons could be about feeling stuck, out of sync with work and life, feeling frustrated, de-motivated, uncertain or simply ready for a different way - whether personally, professionally, publicly or a combination of these.

In my work, whether in individual coaching, group facilitation or consulting, a re-current theme is confidence-building. This shows up in various ways for clients; these are some examples of development outcomes:

  • building capacity to trust your instinct for leadership and career decision making 

  • improving the ability to communicate and meaningfully collaborate with others

  •  increasing clarity & self-belief to support big life changes, strategic moves or changes to team dynamics

An integral approach goes beyond more popular approaches that seek to solve a specific problem for a client. Integral implies more inclusivity to all aspects that could influence growth and development. In this way, a client or group are not simply siloed according to their job title, department or industry, but are sought to be understood with more depth.


H e l l o

I’m Milena.


I am a certified Integral Coach® and an ACC credentialed coach through the ICF (International Coaching Federation). I began coaching in 2019, but my passion to leading others towards their greater potential began as a student in my years in Higher Education well over a decade ago.


Prior to coaching, I was in a senior management (marketing) role in a private higher education company, I readily relate to emerging managers, leaders and young adults trying to find their career and decision making confidence. I have also worked with students and graduates new to the workforce in a career coaching capacity. My clients have been both local and international (more or less 50/50).

Get in touch to book a free 20-30min Discovery Call. Here, we discuss what you might be looking for from a coaching program, and I can clarify my approach and answer any questions you might have. This is a no-charge, no-obligation discovery call where we can both explore if we are a good fit to work together.



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