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My mission is to cultivate Confidence Culture.

Confidence to me is about integrity - a willingness to be exactly who you are, honestly, authentically, courageously and wholly you while meeting your goals and connecting to greater possibilities. Herein lies your potential in all aspects - personally, professionally and socially.

Whether I work with you individually in coaching sessions, facilitate a group training and development session, consult on a project for you or you engage with my content, this is how I aim to inspire you.

This can look a number of different ways depending on the outcomes of our work together. Here are some examples:

  • building capacity to trust your instinct as a leader and/or in career initiative / decision making 

  • improving the ability to communicate and meaningfully collaborate with others

  •  increasing clarity & self-belief to support life changes, strategic moves or changes to work dynamics

Integral implies inclusivity of all aspects that could influence growth and development.

In this way, a client is not simply siloed according to their role, department or industry, but are sought to be understood with more depth.



I’m Milena.

I am a certified Integral Coach® and an ACC credentialed coach through the ICF (International Coaching Federation). I began coaching in 2019, but my passion to leading others towards their greater potential began as a student in my years in Higher Education years ago.

Prior to coaching, I was in a senior management (marketing) role in a private company which was bought by a public listed company during my tenure. 

I readily connect with managers, leaders and professionals trying to find their career and decision making confidence. I have also worked with graduates new to the workforce in a career coaching capacity. My clients have been both local and international (more or less 40/60) and a combination of corporate (sponsored) and private engagements.

If you book a free 20-30min Discovery Call, we discuss what you might be looking for from a coaching, facilitation or consulting program (depending on your needs), and I can clarify my approach and answer any questions you might have. This is a no-charge, no-obligation discovery call where we can both explore if we are a good fit to work together.

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