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My name is Milena, and I am a Certified Integral Coach® having completed 286 training hours through two courses: Coaching for Development and Professional Coaching Course both of which are recognised by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). These courses are run by the Centre for Coaching which is hosted within the Graduate School of Business (GSB) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and with the integral coaching curriculum coming from New Ventures West in San Francisco, USA. In 2021, I joined the ICF as a member and became credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) meeting both training and coaching hour requirements.

Integral coaching is a discipline focussed on building sustainable​ competencies to achieve outcomes and long term excellence in a way that is deeply meaningful for the client.​ It is an evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive response to human life. The work is integral due to the inclusion of everything about the client and the client's world for their coaching program - their individuality, social context, background, shared physical environment and their sense of possibility.

My coaching and previous experience speak to just some parts of a multi-faceted life, as I know and see in all of my clients. I also walk this journey of life as a mother, co-parent, woman and of course, an adult navigating decisions and lessons with the ongoing intention to live in my integrity. I hope our paths will cross in a meaningful way.


  • Professional Coaching Course (Training hours for Professional & Mastery Coaching levels) from the Centre for Coaching (Graduate School of Business, UCT & New Ventures West) 2020/2021

  • Coaching for Development (Training hours for Associate Coaching level) from the Centre for Coaching (Graduate School of Business, UCT & New Ventures West) 2019


  • Master of Social Science (UKZN: Centre for Communication, Media & Society) 2014-2015

  • BA Honours in Motion Picture Medium (AFDA: The School for the Creative Economy) 2010

  • BA in Motion Picture Medium (AFDA: The School for the Creative Economy) 2007-2009

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