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A series of online short courses focused on basic tools and practices accessible wherever you are – in the world, in your life, in your development - both personally and professionally.


The Becoming Series for Beginners is designed for those that are fairly new to self-development or that may have engaged in some programs, learning or coaching / healing but would like to take it further for their own independent exploration. Ultimately these courses will help you in the overcoming of the blocks, fears or challenges you feel are holding you back or causing you stress and frustration.

Each course is made up of 3 modules focussed on the intelligence centres: Mind, Body & Emotion. Each module has 2-3 activities with written, audio and/or video guidance by me as your coach to do the activity. Each course has a recommended structure and time frame, but you are empowered with the agency to adjust this to suit your growth and development. The Welcome & Introduction section on each course is free to access before enrolment, in order to view the schedule, kinds of activities so you can make your decision to finalise signing up. Participants are supported with a video brief, email prompts and a dedicated Facebook Group community with previous/current course participants with bonus content.

Time frame (minimum): 15 Days

Access: 30 Days

Average daily commitment: 10min-1hr



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This short course is about building your capacity for calm.

The modules and activities apply awareness and other ways to generate greater understanding on what easily triggers or adds to anxiety or overwhelm for you. And offer practices to cultivate more of a grounded and peaceful state.


Under Construction

This course is about growing your confidence and trusting in your innate capacity to be who you are and need to be. It helps you notice patterns of holding back or flight / fight / freeze response.


Coming Soon

This short course is about becoming aware of the thinking patterns that contribute to insecurities about yourself and your sense of safety in the world. It looks on one’s right to be in the world.


Coming Soon

This looks at building awareness of your perception and your capacity to view the bigger picture with your role in it. And so the course helps you work with what energises you vs. what depletes you.


Coming Soon

This short course is about increasing your capacity for clarity and concentration. The activities, based on an integral coaching approach, use awareness and other exercises to generate insights on what might keep you in a distracted or scattered mind-set, and offer ways to cultivate more clarity and focus.


Under Construction

This course is about understanding the values and principles of self-awareness, and how you can get started.


Under Construction

This course helps you become aware of the doubt and the kind of thinking that enables indecision in you. It looks at addressing your ability to trust in your own power and using it with integrity.


Coming Soon
Video Conference

The Professional Series is in the pipeline for later in 2021.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: While this series is accessible for many who are wanting to find avenues for change, but need a few basic tools to get started, care for self must be taken by each participant. Particularly in cases where deep trauma has occurred in one's life or severe mental or emotional breakdowns can be known to be easily triggered. We all have various levels of trauma to work through, and development and healing is the doorway for this journey of becoming, but some may require more support in the process than others.

Please get in touch via email (see footer below) if you think this may be the case to discuss the suitability of a program you or someone close you may know is interested in one or more courses.

What People Say


Milena’s and the Cor Coaching approach on Becoming Calm was great - providing practical steps to identify emotional triggers, and practical and fun ways to become more calm. Enjoyable and highly recommended.



The material was enjoyable and opened my eyes to new ways of interpreting my feelings, as well as learning how to remain composed in circumstances in which I have no control. It helped me understand and connect with myself better.

I certainly enjoyed the exercises, as they gave me a new opportunity to see life differently. It left me wanting more, so I will keep working with what I learnt to continue my growth.



This course was extremely beneficial as it helped me gain clarity in my life. It helped me see that I put too much focus on the wrong things and this increases my stress and anxiety. Becoming Clear taught me how just breathing properly makes such a huge impact on everything including sleeping patterns and energy levels. I recommend this course if you, like me, have been feeling on edge with the uncertainties of life, as the course gives you clarity to put everything into perspective.



I loved this course. Especially how these practices can be used going forward in my day to day life. The activity about being more aware of my thoughts has been a game changer! Just being able to observe my thoughts with no judgment has been so empowering.


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