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1-on-1 Coaching Program

A 1-on-1 coaching relationship is confidential engagement through a few regularly scheduled sessions utilising a coaching program especially designed for the client to meet their personal and/or professional goals and outcomes.


As human beings, we are not fragmented or stuck by nature but rather by, often unconscious, strategies we have adopted to get by. These strategies are often occur in patterns, whether it is in thinking, habits, beliefs or ego-driven with which we show up to all parts of our life. So when challenged by something, it inevitably affects multiple parts of our lives. An integral approach aims to include this as an understanding to be able to perceive the whole client, and not an isolated part of life. As the coach and client relationship is a safe container for the client, you have the discretion to share what you feel comfortable sharing.

Before a formal coaching relationship begins, we will have a 20-30min discovery call (intro chat) to discuss your expectations and enquiries about entering a coaching program with me as well as gain a better understanding with the coaching approach I make use of. There is no charge for this. I will share my coaching agreement (t's and c's specific to being a Private client or a Sponsored client) and packages. Only upon mutual agreement after this, we can schedule the first session to commence your 1-on-1 coaching program.



  • Sessions takes place online via video call (eg. Google Meet)

  • In-person coaching requests can be discussed.

  • An initial minimum commitment of sessions (see packages in my t's and c's) is recommended but not required to begin coaching.

  • It is important to have a private space for the coaching session to take place undisturbed.

  • The very first coaching session is approx. 1,5hrs and each session following is approx. 1hr.

  • Please enquire for my rates and more information specific to your coaching arrangement - private or sponsored.


  • Corporate Industries

    • Insurance​

    • Education

    • Hospitality

    • Software

    • Agriculture

  • Private​

    • Various​

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