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We are a facilitation and learning venture committed to transforming organisations with integrally inspired professional and personal development. We work with a collective of coaches to offer diversity and depth in group training and facilitation programs. This female-led venture was started by two coaches, both of whom have had training in Integral Coaching with the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business (South Africa) and New Ventures West (San Francisco, USA).


Milena Gevers

Certified Integral Coach (ACC)


Ronel Grundling

Developmental Coach (ACC)



We used Milena to facilitate an Objectives, Key Results (OKR’s) workshop in order to put measures in place to achieve the business strategic 1 year goals, by aiding each department in achieving their set goals. Milena helped each division put in motion their individual and team plan utilising OKR’s which would become our frame of reference for future goal setting.

- Travys Wilkins, Executive Director

Ronel is a fantastic group facilitator. She is a brilliant listener who makes the entire group feel comfortable and at ease to share their experiences; or just be part of the discussion.

- Amien Moos, Diversity & Inclusion Focus Group Participant

AFDA: The School for the Creative Economy

I am so aware that you have played a pivotal part in the growth and success of the business, Milena. Thank you for being so dependable, supportive, encouraging and honest.

- Teresa Passchier, CEO

I co-facilitated group sessions with Ronel. She made a concerted effort in order to prepare for the sessions. Once the session started, we were able to execute according to her plan which worked out very well. During the session, she provided a safe space for people to share and also contributed important concepts such as the use of language. Once we closed off the sessions, we would debrief in order to provide feedback which provides growth and learning for future facilitations. I think she is a natural and also provides additional effort in order to improve her facilitation skills.

- Kgothatso Matau - RGA Focus Group Co-Facilitator

contact us

Milena Gevers

Certified Integral Coach (ACC)

+27 (0) 82 325 5134

Ronel Grundling

Developmental Coach (ACC)

+27 (0) 82 926 8135

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BC3E83AE-A285-4B77-9DB8-340ADD91676B 2.PNG
Group Therapy


To transform organisations with an integral and inclusive approach to dynamic facilitation, learning and development solutions.

We help the human potential in businesses, schools and organisations by:

  • Shifting from a culture of performance to a culture of excellence

  • Offering depth to education with an integral coaching approach

  • Encouraging individual growth through dynamic and reflective learning

  • Integrating knowledge with understanding in order to generate meaningful action

  • Inspiring ongoing development, learning and self-improvement

We design programs to impact the individual, even in a group format. We believe the true change in a collective starts when an individual can shift internally to move forward.

Training, facilitation & group coaching. Read more

Diversity & Inclusion for Effective Collaboration

Productivity & Stress Management in Hybrid Systems

Wellness Days, Team Building & Goal Setting

Group Coaching / Facilitating difficult conversations between team members

Coaching Mindset for Management and Leaders

Communication Strategies & Building Strong Team Dynamics

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