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frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between seeing a psychologist vs seeing a coach?

    • These are two quite different fields. Clinical psychology is the diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. Whereas coaching focuses on self-improvement by creating a new and sustainable life path in order to achieve personal goals.

  • How do I know if coaching will work for me?

    • Before we begin a one-on-one coaching program, we will meet in a short discovery call to discuss what you are looking for in coaching and I can clarify how coaching would work in relation to your expectations. From there you will have a choice whether to begin a coaching program. Entering with the understanding that you are ultimately responsible for creating your own results. Simply put, the more you put in and commit to your development (eg. utilising practices, self-reflections and exercises etc. offered to you), the more you will get out.

  • How many sessions will it take to complete a coaching program & achieve the outcomes I want from coaching?

    • You are likely engaging in coaching in order to make significant changes in your life. Changes sometimes happen fast and sometimes not. Because changes happen over time, I have various packages to accommodate various levels of commitment to the coaching process. The nature of your goals will influence the amount of sessions it could take to achieve them. This can be discussed in the initial discovery call (intro chat) to decide whether we agree to begin coaching. The coaching relationship is about a mutual commitment from both coach and client in seeing through the coaching program for the benefit of the client.

  • What is Integral Coaching?

    • Integral coaching is a discipline focussed on building sustainable​ competencies to achieve personal outcomes and long term excellence in a way that is deeply meaningful for the client.​ It is an evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive response to human life. The work is integral due to the inclusion of everything about the client and the client's world for their coaching program - their individuality, social context, background, shared physical environment and their sense of possibility. See for more.

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