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Personal Branding

Something I have had to learn (and keep learning) as a business owner, is how to courageously run my business as an authentic expression of me. For a while, I had been stuck in a loop of fears, limiting self-beliefs and "comparisonitus" type thoughts like:

"I should do what other coaches do in order to succeed"

"I should be flexible to appeal to anyone in order to cast a wide net of potential work"

"I should speak like how I think others want to hear me"

"I should market myself in ways that any possible clients might want to hear"

"Others have great coaching and self-development brands - how can I be more like them?"

What this was doing was progressively quietening my own voice and holding back my own identity in place of something from outside of me. I was denying my intrinsic worth and true value as a coach and business owner. And realising this, I could see how it was actually against the essence of my authentic nature and reason for becoming a coach.

Over the last 10 weeks, I have awakened to the possibilities of what happens if adjust my business and marketing strategies to my authentic voice and representation. I have been so fortunate to be a part of a 12-week program with Abigail Klopper and her Cafinnate Academy called Personal Branding Intensive (PBI). In this program, I have been on a step by step journey to knowing more of me using reflection, archetypes, self-care and shadow work to reveal my true story. From this foundation, I could unpack who my story speaks to and how I can intentionally and courageously go about running my business, especially where the work I do in the business comes entirely from me. The program is also packed with loads of resources, information and tools to use in both business and in your parallel personal growth.

It all starts with knowing yourself first.

If you are starting a business or thinking about it, consider how much it is an expression of your unique self, or at least how much you get to express that authenticity in it.

While we worked with Archetypes in PBI for which Abigail has a free assessment you can do to find out your own, I have also worked with these kinds of tools before and found incredible insights to understand myself:


Clifton Strengths (Strengthsfinder)

Astrology Chart Reading

Some others I have not used but I certainly on my list:

Human Design Reading


However, something that I feel so important to understand when doing these kinds of assessments and readings, is not to box yourself by what they say about you. But to use it as a tool of awareness and understanding of your shadows and opportunities, your strengths and weaknesses. And not to act them out, but to find your own agency to feel, to make decisions, to take actions and pave your own way forward.

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