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Podcast Favourites

These are a few podcasts I have really enjoyed listening to. In some or other way they have stirred a personal lightbulb moment (or moments) for me. From business, to purpose, leadership, development and health.

In the quest for ongoing development, I believe in sharing resources that have really resonated with me on a deep level just in case it might spark resonance in you.

“We're all just walking each other home.” - Baba Ram Dass

Ted Talks

Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek. I love Simon Sinek's work for the sense of accountability that is vital to leadership.

The Life Coach School Podcast

with Brooke Castillo

“You can either make your habits or your habits can make you.” - Brooke Castillo

This may be a Life Coach podcast, but Brooke's approach and style is very much accessible to any listener interested in exploring concepts that might help their development. I find I gain a lot more personally relevant to my own journey than what I might be noting to apply for a coaching client. These are a few of my favourite episodes:

  • How to feel better (Episode 2)

  • Byron Katie Lessons (Episode 10) - a great intro into The Work by Byron Katie

  • Challenging Relationships (Episode 23)

  • Belief Ceilings (Episode 278)

  • Antifragile (Episode 284)

  • A Hard Why (Episode 289)

Kelly Brogan: Get Real, Get Well, Get Free (Episode 39)

A New and Ancient Story: The Podcast

with Charles Eisenstein

This was the first time I discovered a bit of what Kelly Brogan's work is all about. She was formerly a traditional practising psychiatrist which she abandoned to become a critic of pharmaceutical psychiatry and an advocate for holistic therapy. Some of the main themes covered include ending the battle with pain, reclaiming personal soereignty in physical and mental health, the power of what it means to be ok with "I don't know"and more. She has a new book out call Own Your Self which is on my list to read.

Placebo Effect, Power of Belief & Self Healing - Dr Jeremy Howick

Ascend Podcast

with Dan Harrison

There is something so empowering about taking radical responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs and body with the understanding of the impact it has in all areas of your life.

A few others I listen to:

ReWilding with Ella Grace Denton

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

Sober Curious with Ruby Warrington

The Positive Head Podcast with Brandon Beachum


All podcasts mentioned were listened to in the iOS Podcasts App.

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