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“Before I began my journey with Milena, I was an anxious perfectionist who placed my self-worth entirely on my career progression . I secluded myself from friends and family and never made anytime to look after myself. Since I met Milena however, my outlook on life has completely changed. I realize that my worth is not determined solely by my job title. I am now able to live a happy, balanced life because of the personalized tools Milena has given me to process emotions, set boundaries, build meaningful relationships, and love myself completely. I would highly recommend Milena to anybody who constantly feels trapped by anxiety, struggles to accept themselves, or struggles making life decisions.”


"My journey with you has been nothing short of remarkable. I am so appreciative of your professionalism, and more importantly, your grace. I felt so comfortable during our sessions and I have grown by leaps within a short space of time. Thank you so much!”


"I began my journey with Milena in order to focus on developing a few leadership areas, which included the bettering both my decision making and conflict management skills. Through this year long journey, Milena helped me implement techniques that unlocked new perspectives on how I approach these areas which in turn has resulted in better organisational decision making and conflict management. I have also found the techniques applicable to many areas of personal development.”


"Deciding to see a life coach was not an easy decision for me. I don’t like to share too much of myself, and feel uncomfortable chatting to someone I don’t really know. Milena made the process really easy for me and I found it to be extremely valuable. Over the year, I have become more self-aware, and find it easier to take ownership of my feelings. Through this process, I was guided to make a huge life decision which I can confidently say is the right next move for me. I am extremely grateful for that.”


"Milena is an excellent coach who has helped me grow immensely both professionally and personally.

My sessions with her have helped me gain perspective, change behaviours and improve key areas of development.

Milena’s understanding of her clients and knowledge in her field clearly shows in coaching sessions, in her suggestions

on what to work on and in the results of being on a coaching program with her."

—  Kristen, Marketing Manager (BRAND & SALES)


"I am blown away by the growth that I have experienced over the past couple months from my sessions with Milena.

She has helped me to see my blindspots, challenge that which does not serve me and show up for myself in a narrative that is strong and worthy. She is an incredible coach and I am forever grateful for our time together. The very best investment one could make would be to get yourself a coach like Milena."



"I so thoroughly enjoyed my experience being coached by Milena. I had never done something like this before and

she made me feel comfortable and confident moving forward in this journey. Milena is patient and supportive in her approach.

Her suggestions and recommendations built on the foundations of our discussions and offered great insights to what I was going through. The experience gave me new perspective and helped shift the way I view my experiences. I'm now able to approach things in a more positive, proactive manner, having greater insight into who I am."

—  Caitlin, English Language Editor (FREELANCE)


"I'll admit, I had my reservations about coaching, but after my first meeting with Milena and her explaining the process

and the heart behind it, I realised what a benefit it could be. Milena is great in guiding you and clarifying that this isn't a quick fix,

it's a process and you get out what you put in. She is patient and actively engages, getting to know who you are so that she can guide you in a way that is best suited for you. Throughout the 8 coaching sessions we had, she helped me understand what made me tick and how I can take advantage of those things to grow and progress in the goals I had set out. It's an experience I'm so glad I went through and would highly recommend it."


"Before I started coaching sessions with Milena, I was crippled by fear and felt stuck, with no sense of direction in life. My coaching journey helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and the boundaries that got in the way of achieving my goals. I am now equipped with valuable tools that allow me to manage my emotions effectively and build on the confidence that I need to create the future I have always wanted."


"You helped me see the light I never knew I was searching for. I hope others who come your way would have the same experiences and grow in greatness. Thank you for being intentional and adding value."

—  Thando, Social Media Manager (HIGHER EDUCATION INDUSTRY)



"Your supportive and encouraging nature has helped me to grow both my personal and professional life."




"I have had the privilege of knowing you as one of the most caring, professional and compassionate people I know. Time is something that one can never get back and every moment I have spent with you, I have walked away more informed, inspired and fulfilled than before."

—  Michael Ivy, Dean of Campus (HIGHER EDUCATION INDUSTRY)

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