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Why practice?

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Several years ago there was something about committing to a daily practice that feel inhibiting, like a chore and like such hard work. And then something changed.

When I could shift from viewing a daily practice as an inconvenient chore to an important part of my day, more possibilities opened and it all landed when I watched a TedTalk that was suggested to me.

What you practice grows stronger

“All of us have the capacity to change. Science proves it. No matter what your past, no matter what your current circumstances, it is never too late to rewire your brain for greater calm, clarity, and joy.” - Dr Shauna Shapiro

Shauna Shapiro is a professor, scientist, clinical psychologist and internationally recognised expert in mindfulness. In her TedTalk, she talks about how we push high standards of perfection on ourselves and then judge ourselves for not meeting them. Her story refers to her personal experience, science as well as research of reputable institutions and studies.

If you practice with resentment, frustration or irritation at having to practice daily, then those feelings grow stronger. If you can practice with kindness and gratitude, then this will grow stronger. The same goes for the underlying beliefs. "I'm not good enough"; "My life shouldn't be this way"; "I am not worthy of achieving my dreams" - this is the self-judgement and shame you practice when the record in your mind is stuck on the same belief.

So being more aware of what I practice will grow stronger, it feels easier to commit to practice every day. In this way I can cultivate more kindness, gratitude, confidence into my daily awareness, so that every day, those qualities in me grow stronger.

Here is the YouTube link to the full TedTalk:

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